The Certifiably Elite AI Consulting Network - Welcome to the S52 Network

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Join us on a rewarding journey to help innovative companies create proven AI strategies that drive measurable results with a rapid time-to-value.
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Our network of experts are the core of our client success

We meticulously grow our prestigious network of industry experts, motivated by solving difficult business problems with proven AI technologies

Why partner with Strata52 as your AI strategist network

Accelerate Your Career in AI Strategy

Accelerate your AI strategy career with comprehensive training and certification.

Join a Global Network of AI Innovators

Join a global network of AI innovators and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Drive Measurable Impact for Clients

Drive measurable impact for clients using Strata52's proprietary AI transformation methodology.

Access Exclusive Resources and Support

Access exclusive resources, support, and ongoing professional development opportunities.
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Designed and led by a an experienced duo of tech entrepreneurs

With a shared vision of democratizing AI and empowering businesses to harness its transformative potential, Kyle and Felix founded Strata52 to bridge the gap between AI's promise and its practical application in the business world.
Our unique approach to AI transformation focuses on the AI stack. Our goal is to empower business leaders to safely unleash the transformative potential of AI while minimizing risks.

Kyle Morse
Co-founder & Managing Partner

The key to empowering as many businesses as possible is to grow a network of Certified AI Strategists & Certified Associates that can follow our proven systems to deliver transformational value to our clients.

Felix Lluberes
Co-Founder & Senior Partner

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